How to photograph products for eBay, Amazon, Otto or your website

Posted on December 7, 2012 · Posted in Retailers

Our photograph products customers – Inc. (Europe), Otto Group, Tesco Stores, Staples Inc. (Europe), PPR SA, Home Retail Group, Shop Direct Group, Apple Inc. (Europe),, Mass Merchant.

Good quality photographs of your product (photograph products) can convert a customer that is just browsing your website into a sale. Look at the pictures of products on Amazon and eBay. Most of them are quite good, as a matter of fact many wholesalers will hire someone to take excellent pictures of their products and they will make them available to their retailers for use in the retailers’ advertising, both print and online.

Photograph products techniques

Sometimes even when your image is in focus, and exposed properly it still doesn’t look right. Harsh shadows, and bright reflections can obscure part of your subject, or a very even light can make the texture on the surface of your subject disappear. Harsh lighting, which is a brighter light farther from the subject, will cause harsh shadows and highlights and emphasize textures. Soft lighting, which is less bright and nearer to the subject, will de-emphasize texture and reduce shadows and highlights. Usually lighting problems are caused by harsh lighting enhancing the shadows and highlights too much. If part of your subject is hidden in highlight or shadow try diffusing or reflecting the light to make it softer. Hang a translucent shower curtain or a large piece of wax paper or light white nylon between your light source and subject, and make it as close as you can to your subject but make sure it doesn’tget into your picture. Your light or flash unit will light up the diffuser, and your diffuser will light up your subject. The diffuser will be a soft light source since it is big and so close, and the shadows and highlights will be reduced.

Light tents to  Photograph products

You can purchase a “light tent” on eBay for less than $100 that is very convenient and will act as a diffuser completely enclosing your subject. They are very popular for product photography, because they are so convenient, cheap and easy to use. If your subject is one color and depends on texture and shape, like a marble statue, the surface details can disappear if your light is too soft because the hightlights and shadows are required to give definition to your subject. If this happens you will have to add harsh lighting to bring out the definition. You can do this by lighting your subject with a small bright light or flash. Experiment with the position of your lights, you may have to move the lights farther to the side to bring out the shadows.

Photograph products and lens dust

I am always surprised by the amount of dust, and scratches on items when I zoom in for a closeup product shot. Clean your product thoroughly before you photograph it, then inspect the resulting image closely. If you find dust, or hairs, or scuff marks or scratches, clean them up and shoot the picture again. It is usually much easier to clean up your product than it is to make the corrections in software, but if cleaning can’t fix a problem, like a scratch, you can fix the final image with image editing software like Photoshop.